Other Services

Post-Adoption Services

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington seeks to serve the whole person, for a lifetime. With this in mind, our adoption program includes a post-adoption counseling unit. Our staff of adoption competent, licensed clinicians hopes to support families and individuals through any adoption related issues they may encounter. We will serve as a resource for adoptees and families facing identity issues, birth family questions, and other emotional issues typically experienced by those whose lives are touched by adoption. Services include: individual counseling, family counseling, and family education. Our goal is to journey with these individuals and families so they experience the support and insights they need to be successful.

Search and Reunification Services

Our agency also provides services for adult adoptees who would like to learn more about their biological family as well as search for their biological family. Please see the Virginia Disclosure guidelines for more information and you may apply for disclosure by sending the Adoptee Application for Disclosure to Virginia DSS. Please feel free to call our office for further questions. 


Waiting Child Program
More than 250,000 children in the United States enter the foster care system every year while more than half of these children will return to their parents, the REMAINDER will stay in the system. Today there are 104,000 children in foster care waiting to be adopted ranging in age from less than a year old to 21. Most of these children enter foster care due to abusive or neglectful situations. The Center for Adoption and Pregnancy Services believes that every child deserved to have a permanent home. The Waiting Child Program is another adoption avenue that families can choose to adopt older children within the foster care system throughout the United States. Our agency will help you facilitate an older child adoption throughout the foster care system. 


If you are ready to move forward with the process please fill out an application for the Waiting Child Program. You may also visit AdoptUSKids to learn more about children legally free for adoption through the foster care system across the United States. We look forward to working with you through your adoption journey.